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Aarette Abodes

Micole is a dynamic business owner and mama to the sweetest boy ever—she also happens to be my best friend! During the pandemic, she spent a lot of her time working as a traveling doctor and when she returned to the desert looking for a change of pace, she wanted to provide the same level of comfort that she'd experienced while living in each home away from home. She made smart investments in a few rental properties and furnished them with the perfect balance of comfort and beauty for the traveling nurses she welcomed in. We worked together to create a simple color palette and logo that reflected her both her personal and brand style, paying keen attention to the kind of resident she aimed to attract. Her website goals were simple: showcase each home's features, provide transparent pricing, an informative local activity guide, and lead renters through a seamless contact and booking process. Today, Micole's rentals are nearly always fully booked with respectful and grateful tenants and she's been able to invest her time in building her next big business dream.

brand values  |

welcoming, fresh, restorative, informative, accommodating, neighborly

logo of Aarette Abodes
Aarette Abodles logomark, and two photos of a home and succulent in brand colors

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