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Affiyya Health  |  Liquivida Phoenix

Dr. Micole Neely, MD aims to serve her community in a comprehensive way. As CEO of Affiyya Health, Micole provides concierge-level telemedicine and IV nutrient therapy. Her extensive experience in emergency medicine and urgent care, combined with her love for total wellness drew her to becoming a Liquivida franchise owner. Together, we created a brand and website that embraces her franchise vibe while also drawing in patients in need of urgent telemedicine care. Her website features an extensive FAQ section, aiming to ease any concerns her patients may have while providing transparency about her services and pricing. In addition, we created a seamless appointment booking process that frees up her time while meeting the needs of her patients. 

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informative, modern, empowering, revitalizing, inviting

logo for Affiyya Health & Wellness
screenshot of Affiyya Health & Wellness website
Affiyya Health website menu of services
Affiyya Health website screenshot

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