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Dr. Mallory Murray, NMD
Arrowhead Integrative Medicine

Dr. Mallory Murray is a licensed Naturopath effectively serving women in the greater Phoenix area, supporting them through fertility and pregnancy journeys, postpartum recovery, hormonal balance, and general wellness. Mallory approached me with a website she was struggling to design and launch, a logo that needed a makeover, and stacks of incredibly valuable content she was yearning to share in an online space she could be proud of. Together, we dove into her services & ideal client profile, developed a brand voice reflective of her personality, professional approach, and the women she aims to serve. Next, we created a complete visual branding package, complete with a refreshed logo, modern fonts, and one of my most favorite color palettes ever. Today, Mallory's new website is a magnet, pulling in women seeking support from someone who feels like they've known all along. It's also a powerhouse that provides online booking, a portal to her online prescription dispensary, downloadable resources, and her growing blog. 

brand values  |

informative, approachable, welcoming, modern, supportive

Logo for Arrowhead Integrative Medicine
moodboard for Arrowhead Integrative Medicine including a sketch and image of a woman & brand colors
computer image mockup with screenshot of client website

"Having a website that represents my brand so clearly has made it easy for me to direct potential patients to my website so they can get a feel for who I am and what my practice is like. Sarah was so easy to work with and helped me bring my vision to life while making it appeal to my target audience in a way that I wasn't able to do on my own."

— Mallory, Arrowhead Integrative Medicine

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