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5 Days to Publish Magnetic Service Descriptions:
A FREE Mini-Course



Adding a new service or expanding to a new audience?

Heck yes you are! I'm here cheering you on as you expand your business and all that you offer to the world.

Great service descriptions strike a balance between enticing your clients with achievable outcomes and outline the nuts & bolts of what you do—both have to be included to be effective. One common hangup that business owners have is knowing our work so well that we forget to include important details that our clients are longing to know about before they are willing to book.

This FREE mini course will guide you through creating your website & marketing verbiage that speaks directly to your dream clients, remains aligned with your brand values, and alleviates the mental load in figuring out how to share your new offer with others.


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In just 5 days:

  • Gain clarity about who your offer is & isn't for

  • Craft a description you're proud of

  • Pair it with pricing & your other offers

  • Accountability to publish your hard work

Hi, I'm Sarah

I'm your business bestie, font geek, and fellow Mama who is authentically juggling work & home life. I took a big leap away from traditional employment and started my first business shortly after my daughter, Ada, was born. The astronomical cost of childcare (not to mention the years' long waiting lists!) combined with a desire to do something more, lead me down a path of unexpected entrepreneurship.

Impactful Mama is a manifestation of a dream that quickly developed after the birth of my second daughter, Ari. It's no coincidence that with each new addition to our family I find myself yearning for a deeper connection to other entrepreneurial parents and flexibility in my days.

I can honestly say that being a parent and business owner has taught me how to hone in on what matters most and to (try!) to forget all the rest. Of course, there are challenging moments, but the flexibility and joy this work provides me is better than I could have imagined. What drives me to do this work most is laying the foundation for working parents to feel capable, supported, and empowered to chase their dreams while raising our littles who make it all worthwhile.

photo of Sarah and her daughters

Get Results with Ease

I am a business owner & mama of little ones who are nearly always by my side, and I crave connection to other working parents who share my drive to excel in both roles and guess that you might crave this too. I aim to lead by authentic example (for both you and my kids), build a community of people who 'get it', and skillfully guide you through a step-by-step plan to bring your ideas to life.

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