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Sacred Living Art

Irin began Sacred Living Art began as a backyard hobby and has grown it into a passionate, love-fueled business. As she was completing her Masters in Oriental Medicine and her now husband, Peter, said, “Just go for it, I've got you!” He could see the passion Irin had for plant life and design. Today, Irin fills delicate glass orbs with Haworthia plants and a myriad of healing crystals, offering high vibes through stunning plant design to the world. While Irin in the face of this business, she and Peter also work as acupuncturists (read more about them here) and decided to go all in on brand and web design for both businesses in tandem. Irin and I worked on a brand infused with meaning and purpose, incorporating the sacred fibonacci sequence, a fun retro vibe, and a custom orb shopping experience. Together, we created a site that highlights her products, local places to shop, & information about crystal elements and proper plant care. Knowing that her plant orb customers were also the type of people to be interested in receiving acupuncture, we leveraged the power of her aligned brands to create marketing materials that served both audiences and increased sales all around. 

brand values  |

earthy, spiritual, high-quality, healthy, cleansing, present with whole self

logo for Sacred Living Art
moodboard of SLA imagery, including modern art and furniture, glass plant orb, and fibonacci spiral
"plant design for the conscious mind"
image of front and back of business rack card
four colored squares with the Sacred Living Art logo

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