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Empower your kids to create a bright future

A make-and-sell keychain kit that teaches kids how to start a business, earn their own money, & make an impact in their community

Makes a great gift!



Everything a kid needs to create & sell 10 keychains for profit & purpose

Business planning workbook + guide to giving back to your community:

  • Fundamentals of business planning

  • Financial literacy & goal-setting

  • Understand the positive impact they can have in their community

  • Marketing tools & strategies

  • How to give back meaningfully

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Ada & Rosie

Meet Rosie.png

The day before Ada turned 5, she found an abandoned baby quail in our backyard and pleaded with me to help the little gal out. After we caught her, Ada quickly named this quail Rosie and made her coziest little box to rest in while we learned all about the care and feeding of our new friend. Thankfully, we also learned of a nearby bird rescue that was better equipped to help Rosie survive. Ada met the bird rescue's directors who answered her many questions about what would happen next, and invited her back to volunteer someday. Ada noticed the donation box and decided that when we returned, she would bring some money to help pay for the supplies needed to care for Rosie and the other birds.

We brainstormed ways she could earn money and landed on selling bracelets and keychains and her dream of being a helper quickly grew into teaching other kids how to be helpers in their own neighborhoods too!


Keeping true to our values, we donate a portion of every purchase you make to a nonprofit of Ada's choice.

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it your own


Ada, age 5

More than a craft 

2023 business cards. project big impact (2) copy.png
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