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How to Create Your Brand Voice Based on Your Personal Marketing Style

Updated: Jul 8

To the woman trying to find her voice in business…

I wish I could tell you there’s a one trick or tip that will get you there, but your voice won’t come from the outside. As business owners, and especially those of us who provide services directly to people, we’re pouring our souls into everything we create—your brand voice just needs a little coaxing to rise to the top and be heard. 

Your brand voice is a bridge between all that’s good inside your business and the people looking for your solutions. 

Your words.

Your tone. 

Your vibe. 

Your personality.

Your approach. 

It’s a first glimpse into what the actual experience of working with you will be like. It builds familiarity and trust.

So….how the heck do you establish your brand voice?

The thing is, I can’t tell you how and what to say to your audience—it has to come from YOU. Here’s what I can offer you:

text on a tan background with yellow sqiggle decorative. "vibes | personality | identity" "How to create your brand voice based on your personal marketing style"

1️⃣ Take my free Marketing Styles quiz: I created it for busy mama business owners like you. The questions are fun and you’ll discover whether you’re a Strategic Visionary, a Creative Innovator, or another unique style (full PDF breaking it all down included!)

2️⃣ Understand Your Style: Learn about your marketing style’s strengths and how it can influence the way you communicate with your audience

3️⃣ Craft Your Brand Voice: Use the insights from your quiz results to shape your brand voice. Think about how your style would speak, what words it would use, and the emotions it aims to evoke. This will help you connect better with your audience.

4️⃣ Apply It Consistently: Once you have your brand voice mapped out, use it consistently in all your communications. Whether it’s emails, social media, or your website, keeping a consistent voice helps build trust and recognition.

Remember, your brand voice is more than just how you sound—it’s about making a genuine connection with your audience. 

So, take the quiz, find your style, and start building a brand voice that’s uniquely yours!

Understanding Emotional Impact in Brand Voice:

A well-defined brand voice can evoke a spectrum of emotions, from trust and security to excitement and curiosity, depending on your brand's personality and the relationship you wish to establish with your audience. Here’s how you can align your brand voice with specific emotional outcomes:

  • Trust and Security: A brand that wants to evoke trust might use a clear, straightforward, and reassuring voice. This is common in industries like finance, healthcare, and technology, where reliability is paramount.

  • Excitement and Energy: Brands aiming to evoke excitement often use a vibrant, dynamic voice filled with enthusiasm. This approach is typical for entertainment, sports, and lifestyle brands.

  • Friendliness and Warmth: A conversational and approachable tone can make a brand feel friendly and welcoming, which is great for customer service-focused companies, retail, and hospitality.

  • Inspiration and Aspiration: Brands that aim to motivate or aspire their audience might adopt an uplifting and empowering tone. This is often seen in educational services, luxury brands, and NGOs.

Brand voices in the wild:

  1. Apple: Apple’s brand voice is innovative, sleek, and straightforward. It evokes a sense of aspiration, inspiration, and sophistication, making customers feel they are part of an elite group pushing the boundaries of technology and design.

  2. Nike: Nike uses a motivational, energetic, and empowering voice. It evokes determination and inspiration, encouraging customers to strive for personal excellence, whether in athletics or personal growth.

  3. Dove: Dove’s brand voice is caring, authentic, and reassuring. It evokes feelings of self-esteem and trust, aligning with their campaigns that promote real beauty and self-acceptance.

  4. Old Spice: Known for its humorous, witty, and slightly irreverent tone, Old Spice’s brand voice evokes amusement and light-heartedness, making the brand memorable and engaging in the crowded grooming industry.

  5. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola’s brand voice is joyful, friendly, and universal. It evokes happiness and nostalgia, positioning the brand as a catalyst for good times and pleasant memories.

Develop an Effective Brand Voice:

To develop a brand voice that resonates emotionally with your audience

  • Reflect on your brand’s core values and mission: How do these align with the emotions you want to evoke?

  • Understand your audience deeply: What do they value, what do they struggle with, and what hopes do they harbor that your brand can speak to?

  • Be consistent and authentic: Ensure your brand voice consistently reflects the desired emotions across all platforms.

  • Gather feedback: Listen to how your audience responds to different messages and adjust your approach to strengthen the emotional connection.

By strategically defining your brand voice to evoke specific emotions, you can create a more meaningful and lasting relationship with your customers. Encourage them to think deeply about the emotional journey they want to take their customers on and use their brand voice strategically to make that journey a reality.

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