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Irin & Peter White | Prickly Pear Acupuncture & Wellness


I was introduced to Irin and Peter, the couple and co-owners of Prickly Pear Acupuncture & Wellness, by a good friend of mine in 2021 and I am just to grateful to know them both. Not only was it so fun to help them build their brand and website, but becoming actual, real-life friends (omg, more of this please!) and watching their business take off over the last year has been incredible. They shared with me a vision of what they wanted their brand to look & feel like and together we brought it to life. Today, they have expanded their practice from one location to three, save time with automated booking, have mastered Canva, and continue to serve our desert community so well, all while juggling the beautiful journey of parenting two sweet boys.

Irin and Peter are licensed acupuncturists and own Prickly Pear Acupuncture & Wellness where they meet each of their patients exactly where they are at and hold energetic & loving space for healing that permeates our physical and emotional selves. Peter specializes in working with Veterans seeking treatment for general wellness, chronic pain, sports injury healing, and autoimmune disorders. Irin specializes in providing comprehensive family care, prenatal and postnatal support, facial & cosmetic acupuncture, and esoteric acupuncture. I adore them both.


Here's what they had to say about their refreshed brand & WIX website:

[image description] Headshot of Dr. Mallory Murray, NMD.

Time to gush: what do you love most about your new branding &/or website?

"I love the colors, the vibe, the flow, literally everything. Every time I look at it, I feel love for the fact that Peter and I are so powerfully represented with our website."

What business goals will your new branding &/ or website help you to accomplish? Are you seeing any early successes since launching?

"Yes! Since launching our website we began getting lots of traffic and appointment requests. We recently began utilizing online booking and traffic picked up even more. It is really amazing getting patients from Google! New patients say, 'I looked at your site and I really loved your vibe.'"

Did we successfully accomplish your design goals? What was your favorite part about working together?

"I would encourage any entrepreneur to take the plunge and hire you! It is intimidating to bring forth the energy of the business and stake your claim in the online world. You made the process seamless and easy. And we are so grateful for the representation that so clearly captured the energy of our business and intention." -Irin

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